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Genuine OEM replacement parts play a strong role in the reliability of your car, especially as it ages. As your vehicle ages and goes through maintenance and repairs, its reliability largely depends on the quality of the parts that help it run. At Nissan of Orange Park, we feature a sprawling auto parts center that features a wide selection of Genuine Nissan replacement parts to ensure that no matter what your vehicle needs, you can find it here at our parts center. Dive in with us as we explore our parts department and discover how we’re your one stop for all the OEM parts your Nissan will ever need.

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Know The Difference: OEM Vs. Generic

Independent auto repair shops are known for using generic replacement parts due to the wide variety of vehicles that they service and repair. Generic replacement parts, also referred to as aftermarket parts, are made by various manufacturers and oftentimes do not feature the quality that genuine replacement parts come with. Oftentimes aimed at producing massive amounts of parts at the lowest possible cost, aftermarket or generic parts oftentimes do not last as long as genuine replacement parts, and therefore often come with little to no warranty. While generic replacement parts are oftentimes cheaper than the quality parts that come from the manufacturer, they tend to fail significantly sooner than a genuine replacement part.

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, known as OEM parts, are replacement parts made directly from the original manufacturer. These parts are designed specifically for your vehicle to fit perfectly, and perform according to its performance needs. Because these parts come from the manufacturer, there is a level of quality control that goes into the making of these parts, allowing these parts to come backed with a warranty for peace of mind. Because of the quality control that goes into part, these replacement components often last much longer than their generic counterparts.

The next time you need Nissan auto parts, don’t go to your local parts store, but instead, come down to Nissan of Orange Park and allow us to provide all the Nissan parts and accessories that your vehicle will ever need.

Various Car Parts Scattered Around

Parts Of All Kinds

Regardless of what type of parts you need, we welcome you to come and discover all that we have in store for your Nissan. Featuring parts as simple as fluids and bulbs to parts as extensive as transmissions, engines, and steering assemblies, there’s no better place to get parts for your Nissan than our parts department at Nissan of Orange Park.

We have hundreds of parts available in stock, and make it easy for you to order and pick up. If you need a rare part, or one that we do not carry, you can easily order it and we’ll call you when it's ready, or we can ship it to your home. We ensure that through affordable prices and easy access, that there’s no excuse not to use OEM parts on your Nissan.

Supporting Our DIY Customers

We know that many drivers prefer to perform their own maintenance and repairs, and we support that. In addition to our extensive collection of parts, we feature a friendly and knowledgeable team of professionals who tout incredible customer service and may even be able to help you decide which parts your Nissan may need.

Additionally, we make ordering parts simple and easy by allowing you to order parts online with a few simple clicks. Simply click here and give us the details of your vehicle and the parts you need for it and our experts will be in touch!

Installation Made Easy

If you don’t have time to finish your own repairs or you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, our service department is here to get your Nissan back in perfect working order. We invite you to take advantage of our Jacksonville car repair services here at our service and repair center. Our service and repair center is staffed by highly trained and certified technicians who undergo regular training to ensure that they are privy to the latest service and repair techniques. In addition to training and years of experience, our technicians are equipped with state of the art equipment to ensure that your vehicle is serviced or repaired properly.

Serving all cars, trucks and SUVs, we welcome you to drop your vehicle off and let us handle it, or relax in our comfortable waiting room until it's ready. At Nissan of Orange Park, you can rest assured that your Nissan is in good hands here at our Jacksonville car dealership. Click here to schedule an appointment and let us do the rest.

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