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2019 Nissan 370Z Roadster

Should You Buy A New Nissan?

For many drivers, the smell of a brand-new Nissan is exhilarating. Everything about the car is fresh and has not been used by any other driver but you, the new owner.

Buying a new Nissan has many advantages. Aside from acquiring it new and unused, you’re also assured your brand-new car will not break down anytime soon, saving you a trip to a mechanic and paying costly repairs fees.

Your new Nissan will also have the latest technology and a warranty, giving you the best driving experience with the needed coverage from potential accidents and other instances that would require repairs. You also have the opportunity to apply for financing if you need help with payments.

The only major disadvantage of buying a new Nissan is the cost. Nissan’s new cars are more expensive than used ones. If you’re on a budget, your choices may be limited, preventing you from buying the more pricey model you prefer.

Should You Buy A Used Nissan?

Nissan’s used cars are less expensive than new ones. If you want more flexibility with your budget and the freedom to choose a better car with your payment, buying a used Nissan may be the better route for you.

Unknown to some, there are premium Nissan used cars for sale. They’re called Certified Pre-Owned or CPOs. These cars have been pre-qualified, reconditioned, and have gone through thorough inspection points from expert Nissan mechanics to run on the road like brand-new.

If you want to buy a premium Nissan model that performs like a brand-new car on the road, you can opt to buy a CPO instead. They are priced a little higher than used ones but have warranties so that you can save money on maintenance and repairs in the long run. You can also apply for financing as needed.

The only major disadvantage of buying a used or a CPO Nissan is your inability to be the car’s first owner. If that’s not a problem for you, then you should go for it.

Stress-Free Financing

At the Nissan of Orange Park Dealership in Jacksonville, FL, we offer the best financing programs from our expert financial consultants. Whether you’re buying or leasing a new car, opting for a used or CPO car, or trading your vehicle with us, we can help.

We ensure a seamless and stress-free financing process so you can have the best customer experience. From the moment you step inside our Nissan dealership to the time you drive your chosen Nissan from our inventory lot to your driveway, you’re guaranteed a fast and hassle-free transaction process every time.

The Trusted Nissan Dealer In Jacksonville

If you’re in the Jacksonville area in Florida and looking for your dream Nissan vehicle, new or used, we are here to serve you. Our Nissan dealership has been the trusted destination for anything Nissan by our loyal customers in Florida for years.

Speak with our customer service representatives about your model of choice, and we’ll schedule you for a test drive at your convenience. We’ll also give you all the details on how you can avail of our existing promos and deals so you can score more savings and perks.

Visit us at the Nissan of Orange Park in Jacksonville, FL, and drive home your dream Nissan today!

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