Why Should You Consider An Electric Car?

June 7th, 2022 by

A 2021 White Nissan Leaf driving by an office building

Why Buy Nissan Leaf?

When it’s time to buy a new vehicle, you’ll have a plethora of options to choose from, which can sometimes be overwhelming. However, if you’re considering a vehicle that’s in tune with the times we live in, an electric car like the Nissan LEAF will be an excellent choice.

With a two-tone design that embodies sophisticated technologies inside and out, the new Nissan Leaf is both desirable and practical. Equipped with Nissan’s suite of innovative mobility features, the Nissan Leaf has come fully prepared to make its mark in the vastly evolving world of electric vehicles.

The vehicle’s standard battery pack will see you through about 149 miles driving range, while higher trims like the Plus model takes it a step further with about 226 miles- good enough for shoppers looking to enjoy a long range driving without venturing too far from home.

Wish to experience a new electric vehicle in Orange Park, Jacksonville? The Nissan of Orange Park team will be glad to offer you a free inspection and help guide you through the electric car buying process! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or desire a test drive to learn more about the 2022 Nissan Leaf.

Benefits Of Buying Electric Cars In 2022

There are several advantages of buying an electric vehicle such as the 2022 Leaf. For starters, one of the most significant benefits of buying an electric car is that EVs are cheaper to maintain, as they help you save money on maintenance and fuel costs. In addition, a comprehensive range of favorable tax incentives is in place to reduce the cost of buying electric vehicles. This helps you to keep your purchase cost down and save up toward other investments.

Besides, electric cars have no tailpipe emissions, making them cleaner and better for the environment than their petrol- or diesel-powered counterparts.

By selecting an electric vehicle, you can also enjoy the convenience of fast charging your vehicle within the comfort of your home. As well as that, you get to enjoy a quieter, more enjoyable driving experience because EVs are quieter than diesel and petrol cars.

Why Choose Nissan of Orange Park?

Buying an electric car from Nissan of Orange Park in Jacksonville, FL, is always a satisfying experience! Our Nissan dealership always ensures a friendly, accommodating, and efficient atmosphere for a hassle-free buying experience. Besides, our customer-friendly sales and service teams always offer top-notch customer service, in line with the expectations of our esteemed clients.

In addition, we sell an extensive range of vehicles and offer the best price in the Orange Park area. So you can rest easy knowing you’ll find the right electric car that meets your needs precisely. If an electric car isn’t your cup of tea, we also offer the assurance of diesel and gas-powered vehicles you’ll appreciate. What if you need another luxury sedan, sports car, or electric SUV? You’ll find it all at Nissan of Orange Park.

Find The Perfect Electric Vehicle At Nissan of Orange Park

Whether you desire the Nissan Leaf for its advanced safety feature list, which includes the ProPilot Assist with an intuitive semi-autonomous driving mode on the SV Plus trim, we are here to help you out. With a starting price of just $27,400 MSRP, the new Nissan Leaf is one of the cheapest yet practical electric vehicles that your money can buy right now. So why don’t you visit us today to test drive the vehicle and make it your own.

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